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DRAGAN Hair Design proudly offers a wide range of Rene Furterer scalp and hair treatments using pure essential oils and plant extracts.  With the ability to customize each treatment to suit our client’s individual needs, we guarantee only the best in innovation, quality and results. 

Prices are all starting from and are determined upon consultation

Rene Scalp $35
Anti-dandruff $35


Treatment is accompanied by brushing and scalp massages (7 different massages the benefits of which were scientifically demonstrated by the Pierre Fabre Research Center).

Oily scalp treatments: CurbiciaIntended for oily or prone to oily scalps and all types of hair. Curbicia treatments deep-cleanse, rebalance the scalp and create volume in your hair.

Moisturizing treatments: CarthameIntended for dry scalps and hair. Carthame treatments protect, moisturize and soften hair.

Nourishing treatments: KaritéIntended for very dry scalps and hair. Karité treatments restructure, revitalize and coat hair.

Treatments for hereditary hair loss: Intended to treat hormonal and hereditary hair loss, mainly found in men. Triphasic treats hair loss and stimulates hair regrowth.

Treatments for reactional hair loss: Intended for reactional hair loss, mainly found in women, related to stress, fatigue or postpartum. RF 80 treats hair loss and stimulates hair regrowth.

Anti-dandruff treatments: MelaleucaIntended for flaky scalps. Melaleuca treatments ensure deep-acting treatment of oily or dry dandruff, eliminate itching and prevent recurrence.

Soothing treatments: AsteraIntended for sensitive, irritated scalps. Astera treatments immediately soothe the scalp, while sensations of discomfort disappear.

The other beauty treatments: Color-treated hair: Okara Protect Color

An ultra-modern 30-minute scalp and hair analysis, conducted on our periodic promotional clinic days, free of charge by hair care professionals using Rene Furterer's sophisticated diagnosis machine, the Capilliscope. Check with your stylist or our website for the next available session.